Why VitéMD works!

In order to really understand why VitéMD is so unique and powerful you must first understand a little about how aging occurs, how skin is affected by the aging process and more importantly why we believe VitéMD can improve the way you look every step of the way.

Aging occurs through a process involving free radicals. The human body is composed of many different types of cells. Cells are composed of many different types of molecules. Molecules consist of one or more atoms of one or more elements joined by chemical bonds. Normally, bonds don't split in a way that leaves a molecule with an odd, unpaired electron. But when weak bonds split, free radicals are formed. Free radicals are very unstable and react quickly with other compounds, trying to capture the needed electron to gain stability. Generally, free radicals attack the nearest stable molecule, "stealing" its electron. When the "attacked" molecule loses its electron, it becomes a free radical itself, beginning a chain reaction. Once the process is started, it can cascade, finally resulting in the disruption of a living cell.

Some free radicals arise normally during metabolism. Sometimes the body's immune system's cells purposefully create them to neutralize viruses and bacteria. However, environmental factors such as pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke, sun exposure, alcohol consumption and herbicides can also spawn free radicals.

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by donating one of their own electrons, ending the electron-"stealing" reaction. The antioxidant nutrients themselves don't become free radicals by donating an electron because they are stable in either form. They act as scavengers, helping to prevent cell and tissue damage that could lead to cellular damage and disease.

Normally, the body can handle free radicals, but if antioxidants are unavailable, or if the free-radical production becomes excessive, damage can occur. Of particular importance is that free radical damage accumulates with age. As we age it is important to fight free radical damage and replace the things our bodies lose naturally through the aging process.

VitéMD is formulated to both help fight against free radical damage and replace the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs to fight aging and help keep your skin looking as youthful as possible.