About DermaScience

DermaScience Labs was created to fill the nutritional void that exists in skin care. DermaScience Labs has used extensive research and product testing to develop the ultimate nutri-dermal formula. Our exclusive formula contains 24 essential nutrients specifically formulated for absorption by the upper and lower dermal layers of the skin. VitéMD contains antioxidants that help protect against the damaging effects of excess free radicals as well as essential vitamins for deep nourishment and revitalization of skin.

Whether your aim is to maintain a youthful appearance, reduce visible skin aging, or support the health of your skin, VitéMD offers scientifically developed formulas designed to target and promote beautiful skin.

Our mission is to educate. We believe that the more you learn about your skin and its nutritional needs, the more you can protect it. Our site contains information to help you learn about the aging process and how you can protect your skin. We also have a number of recent articles discussing skin nutrition and how it can be beneficial in looking younger longer.

The second part of our mission is to fill the void that exists in skin care by providing natural solutions to many of the most common skin problems. At DermaScience we are dedicated to researching and developing supplement formulations that help people feel and look better. We are committed to finding new ways to combat the aging process through proper skin nutrition.